The McBride Community Forest Pilot Agreement #K1H Management Plan was prepared and submitted in February 2003 by the McBride Community Forest Corporation. The plan was authored, under contract, by Ben Newman and Ron Hammerstedt of Firth Hollin Resource Science Corporation, and used the “proposal” as a guide. The management plan laid out a series of goals and commitments that the Community Forest would try to achieve over the 5 year term of the pilot agreement (probationary license).

Approximately half-way through the probationary agreement, MCFC submitted an interim report to the Ministry of Forests outlining its achievements to date and performance relative to the management plan and MOF goals for the community forest program. Based on the interim report, the MOF offered MCFC a long-term (25 year) replacement license (community forest agreement).

In February 2007 the McBride Community Forest Corporation signed a 25 year community forest agreement.

As part of transitioning to this new agreement, MCFC is required to update and replace it’s management plan written for the 5 year probationary license. At their May 9, 2007 Public Information Meeting progress on goals and commitments in their initial management plan were presented to those attending and the media.